I’m Blair, and I made dis.

In the past, I’ve taken years to formulate stories. Then months upon months of exhaustive design work.

In contrast, most of the concept behind The Worlds Between Us was thought up on one day in late July of 2017. Something happened around then (telling what might be a spoiler) and I wondered how I could make a story around the fallout from that incident. Most things fell into place pretty fast, but one thing just wasn’t working.

This was originally set in a futuristic city – but it just never felt right.

Then I remembered something that happened earlier in the year that made me think “why aren’t there more adventure stories set in modern Vermont?”

Borrowing bits from stories I wrote back in art school, I set this tale in Fairlee, Vermont. Yes, it’s a fictionalized Fairlee, and all the characters are fictitious, but it’s true in a grand sense. And the town is essentially laid out as portrayed.

So this story not only quickly came together, but quickly has become dear to me. All the characters have shreds of actual people in them – though are never 100% real. All the places are based on actual locations, but again, not 100% the truth. And that’s fine.

Real life is interesting in its own terrible and wonderful ways. But I wanted this to have brighter brights than real life, and certainly darker darks.

I am a comic creator based in Vermont, who has lived in Vermont for near-40 years. It’s time I gave a little joy back to this wonderful state – even if it means filling it with ghosts and goblins.

If you enjoy my work here, please check out the work of other Vermont comic creators at the, well, Vermont Comic Creators Facebook.

Thank you very much for your time, and I hope you all enjoy the story to come.


~Blair Shedd
November 27th, 2017