Yes, The Worlds Between Us is really coming back.

Projects came up, other ideas came up, health issues came up. The end result is I stopped working on this comic for a good long while.

But it was an itch at the back of my brain for so long.

So it was time to come back.

My plan is for a mid-May release of the next “scene” of Chapter 2.

Yes, “scene,” as I’m leaving the one-page-a-week format, and will instead do monthly scene releases. A scene will vary in length, but usually be anywhere from three to five pages. This allows me to focus more time on the story and art, and still have time to do paid projects (because, as of still, I’ve made almost nothing off of the webcomic itself, and have sold only a handful of print copies of half of chapter 1 at live appearances – as only handfuls were ever made).

My early readers have been quite happy with what they’ve seen of the new pages, so I’m hoping the old readers will be too. And new readers.

Tell a friend.



*Unless something magical happens.